Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sofia Ruth - bringer of JOY!

Tomorrow is going to be Sofia's 2nd birthday! I can't believe that 2 years have already gone by since the first time I heard her cry as the Dr. pulled her out of my womb. I will never forget that sweet sound, it was truly music to my ears and my heart lept within me. As many of you know, because of the difficult labor and the fact that I began to feel what the Dr. was doing during my C-section, I had to be completely sedated. Although Sofia was born at 12:10pm on November the 9th, 2006...I actually didn't SEE her until somewhere around 2pm that day (only because I was sleeping from the sedation). I will never, ever forget that moment...

I was conscious before I had the ability to open my eyes. I heard our nurse, Mary Beth calling to me, "Erica? Erica? Can you wake up?" I answered, "Yes, I am awake." She said, "Can you open your eyes?"
I replied, "No, they feel too heavy. Where is she?"
"She's in a crib right next to your bed."
"Can I hold her?"
"Of course."
I heard Mary Beth moving around the bed, and then felt Sofia being placed in my arms. She was all bundled up, and although I still didn't have the ability to open my eyes, I held her, and rubbed my fingers over her face, much as a blind person would.
"She's beautiful, isn't she?" I asked.
Mary Beth said, "She's the most beautiful baby I've ever seen."

Mary Beth was right! When I was finally able to open my eyes, she really was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. Sofia continues to be the most beautiful child, not only on the outside but the inside too! As her personality has begun to come out more and more over the past 2 years Mike and I have begun to see the beauty our daughter possess in her heart. She has an undeniable spirit of JOY that is infectious to all those around her. You can't be around her and not smile or laugh at least once!

Our sweet ZuZu has been prayed over ever since she was in my womb being knitted together by our Heavenly Father. Her Lina prayed that this child would bring JOY to all those she came in contact with, and I know the Lord was faithful to hear and answer her prayer.

I often feel overwhelmed when I realize the HUGE responsibility Mike and I have been entrusted with. To care and provide for, and most importantly, to teach this beautiful joyful child about God. To diligently pray for her until the day she repents of her sins and puts her faith and trust in Jesus Christ. I ask that you join with us in prayer for our daughter:

Dear Jesus,
Thank you for the blessing of our daughter, Sofia Ruth. Thank you for the joy that she brings not only to us, but all those around her. Thank you for her health and for knitting her perfectly together within my womb. Thank you for entrusting us with her care.
Lord, we ask that you would be a mighty fortress of protection around Sofia. May your angels be round about her, guarding her from the Evil one. May your Holy Spirit, even now, be at work within her heart. We ask that as soon as she is able, she would make the decision to repent of her sins and put her faith and hope in Jesus.
Help Mike and I to be good and faithful stewards of this precious gift you have entrusted to us. Teach us to be good parents, and to always set an example of what a Godly marriage and home looks like. We admit that we can not do this without you, we admit that we will need your strength, wisdom, patience, and love. Please go before our family and plan out our steps.
We love you Lord, and are amazed at your love for us. We continue to wait with expectant joy for your return!

In Jesus name, Amen!

(P.S. We also pray this prayer for our other darling girl, Olivia Anne!)